Sunday, February 10, 2013

Shirt studio shirts

Personality of a person is reflected by his or her body language which in case, is affected by what we wear and that decides the manner in which a person perceives us. You are judged by your appearance, so you must take pride in dressing up, as the maxim goes,"First impression is the last impression".

Before buying a shirt, you need to think about the purpose of doing so. Do you intend to wear it for personal use only or for a business or promotional event? For business class, you have to look as professional as possible. The hardest thing about selecting shirt is to come up with a unique design. Fortunately for you the Shirt Studio provides you with a vast variety of business class shirts for both men and women. Choosing an appropriate color is also important during selection of a shirt and for multiple colors, they need to match and in order to make sure that it is more visually appealing, the outline of the text can be a contrasting color to make it stand out. You can do this easily with the Shirt Studio.

Whether your office has a dress code and uniform or not, looking professional is something you can't ignore. In order to improve brand recognition, many firms have started introducing uniforms. On the other side, the uniform should be comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

The range of corporate uniforms include: T-shirts, Suits, Trousers, Skirts, custom made Shirts, cufflinks, ties, bowties, belts and buckles. Shirt Studio Corporate, offer over 300 different fabrics for your uniforms.The accessories are also designed specially to suit the uniform as that form a part of it. Next time you decide to get uniforms made for your employees just pay us a visit to get the best work done.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Shirt Studio Turns to be the Trend Setter in Online Shopping World

Trends change from one decade to the other.  To fit in with this change trend Shirt Studio has designed a boutique style online store.  According to the trends and changes in the fashion they create designs to suit.  Despite these changes it's interesting to note that fashion always comes back but with a new twist in it.The marketing manager said," We design custom made shirt which are very modern and fashionable. 

There was a mindset in previous days that custom made shirts could be afforded only by actors of Hollywood and the rich and famous. He also said, "The actors used to hire a personal designer for designing attire for themselves. Then the richer groups from several countries like Wall Street bankers and other such aristocrats were more into appointing a designer for the daily dresses.

Slowly with the progress in the economy on the whole and in every industry in particular even this mind set has changed. More and more people are looking out for shirt designer these days. The advent of computer and the internet has further fuelled the interest of many to appoint a designer for them. Technological advancement has lead to vast advances in the production technology as well.  There is a more competitive market which has sharply made things available to everyone.  There is a sharp fall in the prices and things have become affordable for everyone these days.  Besides, the nature of job of each person has also changed.  These are some of the reasons that have lead to the change in the clothing sector. 

"Today, there is a major demand from the customers for custom clothing. This transformation of custom clothing from the aristocratic  society to the common society is a remarkable event in the clothing industry. Therefore taking shirt measurements and stitching them for customers from all across the world has become easier.  This is no more a luxury; more and more people are getting accustomed to this change," says the MD at Shirt Studio. 

Do you know that you can custom design your own shirt?  You can choose shirt fabrics.  You can also choose the size and shape of the shirt you wear.  So which ever place you are in you can get a shirt of your choice from any country across the globe. There are various options available to a person while designing a shirt for themselves. 

At Shirt Studio you can choose a color of the fabric; you can specify like blue shirts and specify other requirements also.  The type of collar, pockets and any other specifications can be selected according to the personal choice of a person.  Therefore these shirts can be stitched using the specifications given by you and can be transported to you.  To know more log on to